I'm Nick Francisci, an engineer motivated by helping folks access the fundamentals of life: wholesome food, education, and healthcare. Right now, I'm living near Boston and managing software engineers at Pillpack - a pharmacy that simplifies managing multiple medications. In my free time, I make (and play) video games. I use this site to write about these topics.

I'm not looking for a new job right now, but if you'd like to get in touch, my contact info is on my resume.


Ruby on Rails Best Practices, Part I 02.21.21
Ruby on Rails Best Practices, Part II-V TBD
RSpec Testing Best Practices TBD
Rotating Hexagonal Tilemaps in Unity TBD
Building a Sims-Like AI in Unity TBD
Tips for Creating a (2.5D) City-Builder in Unity TBD

See an article in this list that's got a TBD date and want it to jump to the top of my writing queue? Send an an email to the address on my resume and let me know!