I'm Nick Francisci, an engineer motivated by helping folks access the fundamentals of life: wholesome food, education, and healthcare. Right now, I'm living near Boston and managing software engineers at Pillpack - a pharmacy that simplifies managing multiple medications. In my free time, I make video games and write online.

I'm not looking for a new job right now but if you'd like to get in touch, my contact info is on my resume.


Ruby on Rails Best Practices (To Be Continued) 02.21.21
Devise Auth Setup in Rails 7 01.09.22
Switching Character Control in Unity: Part I, Design 01.15.22
Switching Character Control in Unity: Part II, Implementation 01.15.22
belongs_to and you: better Rails testing with or without associations 01.19.22
Rotating Hexagonal Tilemaps in Unity TBD
Building a Sims-Like AI in Unity TBD
Isometric Tilemap Building Placement in Unity TBD
Software Engineer Compensation Design TBD

See an article in this list that's got a TBD date and want it to jump to the top of my writing queue? Send an an email to the address on my resume and let me know!